National Festivals Of India [2019] -

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National Festivals Of India 

National Festivals Of India

National Festivals of India, which come once a year and fill people with a new zeal and enthusiasm, people wait for this festival for a long time when it comes to frustration, people move their enthusiasm further and this Take pleasure in the festival well,

Types Of People Are Celebrating Festivals

People consider their festival as a festival, but some people consider these festivals in their own way. National Indian Festivals, which is National in India and on behalf of the Government, gets all the government holiday at the festival, whose people benefit from their national festival.
There are many types of religion in India. But in India, people celebrate these festivals together, so there is a lot of unity in India. At the time of festivals, enemies also become friends; Such people say in India.

1. Republic day


Republic Day is celebrated as a national festival in India. On August 15, 1947, after getting independence from the British rule, our constitution was enacted on January 26, 1950. This work was done under the leadership of King George,

On January 26, 1950, the first constitution was introduced in India, this day is celebrated on the occasion of big entertainment.

On this day our flag is flagged by India. National songs like Vande Mataram are sung and tribute is given to Indian fighters who sacrificed their lives in achieving independence for India

This is the national festival of India which is celebrated every year. All the citizens of India are seen to see it. On this day there are a lot of people coming in. This program is shown live in the house through live TV, radio, and the internet.

2. Independence Day

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National Festivals Of India

Independence Day is made on August 15th, this is the National Festival which is called the biggest festival of India, on August 15, people live in their homes. On this day there is a holiday for the people of the bank, school, private company.

People take this entertainment with their friends and with the family. People stay on the roof of their house and make kites. It is very fun because people are entertained.

On August 15, the Prime Minister gives a speech on the Red Fort, there is a lot of people in the public. People come here for their entertainment

3. Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti is made every year on October 2. This festival is made as Mahatma Gandhi ji birthday
Whatever Mahatma Gandhi used to say was true, let's go and do not tell anyone wrong. Always walk on peace Mahatma Gandhi has been an Indian leader, and that is why people give him greater importance to him. Because of helping the people, he was famous all over India.

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