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{2018} Free Hand Rangoli Designs - Top 10 Easy Free Hand Rangoli Design With Dots

                Free Hand Rangoli Designs

Diwali The festival of lights! This is the season when people shop for new clothes, diwali gift items, new home decorations, sweets, crackers & much more. Adults & children alike are giddy with excitement on the arrival of this joyous festival. Everyone decorates their homes to welcome their near & dear ones & give them Diwali gift items. Another reason to decorate homes during Diwali involves tradition. It is said that Goddess Laxmi, goddess of wealth & prosperity, visits peoples homes during Diwali! People thus try to lure her into their homes.
A rangoli is a most popular way to ornament homes during Diwali time. Free hand rangoli design are drawn everywhere around the house to give it a festive & pretty. Rangoli-the customary Indian outlines for design reminds us of the Hindu festival like as-Diwali. These swift wrist movements of rangoli should occur not only during this but also should be during wedding events in India as well in abroad. This is actually the newer and upcoming trend where the powdered rangoli designs are converted into the floral designs. Infect, the Indian wedding enhancement has the desi curve with this pattern, the rangoli is went with over the wedding paths, where the lady of the hour strolls down, the sideways for the wedding visitors, these walkways are beautifully abounding with flower petals galore. Even the pretty candles, installed with Free hand rangoli designs.

Free Hand Rangoli Designs For Beginner are very simple to draw and color. All these ideas can be implemented by having the stunning designs with the colorful flowers, arranged beautifully, with pretty petals. The rose petals, Gendaphool or marigold are the Traditional Indian flowers Decoration which are in vogue now a day's rather than the exotic and expensive flowers to be brought for your wedding. Rangoli is an integral part of Indian culture. The tradition of laying these designs at the entrance of homes is age old. Apart from being visually attractive, these designs are a symbol of positive energies and harmony, packed with a lot of spiritual significance according to Indian culture. You can also use these 

Free hand rangoli designs for competition.

Free Hand Rangloi Designs

Free Hand Rangloi Designs Without Dots

Free Hand Rangloi Designs Without Dots

When you visit a typical Indian home, the first thing that catches your eye is the design at the doorstep. These designs are of different kinds and differ from one place to another. While designs of North India are mainly defined pictures and are almost always colored, South Indians put dots and join them to create different pictures which are usually left uncolored that are called Free hand rangoli designs with dots or Free hand rangoli designs with dots . One of the most typical South Indian designs is to make the entire design in one flow, which means that a single line joins all the dots to create a complex artistic masterpiece. Temple designs, coconut designs, flower patterns, diyas and various kinds of geometrical shapes characterize these designs. In the recent times, the concepts and designs used for making these welcoming arts at doorsteps have undergone tremendous metamorphosis and are very different when compared to the olden designs.
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Traditional rangoli has certain important requisites and one of the most important aspects is symmetry. Whatever be the design, symmetry is upheld from all directions in the traditional patterns. The reason behind the use of such symmetry is more spiritual than for visual appeal. Symmetry is demonstrative of unity, prosperity, development, fortunes and thriving in Indian culture as well as in societies of various nations. Likewise, symmetry demonstrates adjust of characteristic components and advances smoothness of the psyche and soul. Another exceptionally fascinate element of conventional Free Hand Rangoli Designs Without Colours outloine is the exploitation of adjusted shapes as opposed to sharp ones. This is additionally an otherworldly idea which delineates joining of energies. White powder, which is coarsely ground rice flour, is utilized for rangoli. The utilization of rice powder is likewise an idea went for all inclusive congruity. The rice draws in ants, little bugs and winged animals, demonstrating that non-people are welcome too, and that all animals need to coincide. White is likewise the predominant shading in all plans, including the ones which utilize different hues. Fringes and diagrams are typically done in white. There is an explanation behind this too. White is the shading which is framed by the joining of all shades of the universe. In this way, white demonstrates healthiness, solidarity and joining of body and soul. White is additionally the shade of virtue and should avert underhanded spirits. You can also use these 

Free hand rangoli designs for competition.

Easy Free Hand Rangloi Designs

Free Hand Rangoli Design With Dots

Free Hand Rangoli Design For Competition

Free Hand Rangoli Design Without Dots

Free Hand Rangoli Design Without Dots

Easy free hand rangoli designs is constantly drawn on clean surfaces, and at a young hour toward the beginning of the day. This is the time when nature is at its most perfect. In Indian family units, doorsteps are cleared, washed and these plans are made. The individual making the plan needs to bathe before making it. The entire procedure is enormously refining. All these profound ideas which are soaked up in a rangoli bring a ton of energy, otherworldliness and a warm mood to the home. It isn't without reason that you feel welcome when there is a pleasant plan at the doorstep.

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We are certain that you are additionally contemplating illustration Rangolis at your doorstep. Before you draw one, we are going to make you comfortable with different kinds of Rangolis this Diwali! Read on to know more; Dotted rangoli is the most well known of all Rangolis. They are Rangolis which are set up by the assistance of a differing framework of specks. These spots are set up by an exceptional dabbing paper. The dotting paper is placed on the floor on which the rangoli is to be made & white rangoli is poured on the dot perforations in the paper onto the floor. Specific dots are connected to each other to make different pretty designs or motifs by the use of white rangoli. The spaces joined by the dots are filled with bright rangoli colours to make them stunningly attractive.
Designs or motifs are prepared using this ground rice paste. They are auspicious & are said to attract Goddess Laxmi during Durga Pooja & Lakshmi Poojan. Another type of Rangoli is a free hand rangoli. Free hand Rangolis are the ones drawn without the use of dots &by free hand strokes. This type of Rangoli looks nice too. This rangoli has its own charm. Nowadays many people also use lots of diyas& place them in a beautiful pattern so as to prepare a rangoli of diyas at their doorstep. Flower Rangolis or Free hand rangoli designs without dots are also widely drawn & are very popular. These are designs made by varying arrangements of flowers. The flowers used are fresh & they give off a fresh look &lingering scents to the air. Flower petals are also used to make this pretty type of Rangoli. A design is prepared on the floor with a chalk & it is filled up with flower petals of different flowers &colours. Thisrangoliis also a traditional form of Rangoli & it is decorated with diyasa round it & with one in the centre.

Free Hand Rangoli Design Video

Have you heard of floating Rangolis? These look beautiful & are different from the traditional Rangolis. To make one, fill up a large bowl with water &cover the surface entirely with carbon powder. After it is evenly covered, carefully use white rangoli & draw on it. Fill it with a light layer of colour& your floating rangoli is ready! Another type of floating rangoli is to just add floating candles to a bowl of water &to cover the surrounding areas with flower petals. You can also add a floating candle or diya & draw a floating rangoli around it thereby incorporating both ideas! Sanskar rangoliis another attractive rangoli form. This rangoli involves the use of a lot of circles in it and Free hand rangoli designs without colours. It even has a circular border around the rangoli. This is a traditional form of Rangoli & has been carried down since ages. 

Free Hand Rangoli Design Without Dots
It is said that the circles which form the sanskar rangoli, stand for the different sanskars. So gear up this Diwali by drawing Rangolis at your doorsteps & welcome your guests by giving them some lovely diwali gift items. Do use our ideas for some inspiration. Also add in your imagination & creativity & be ready to impress your guests! Various stunning designs along with the flowers can be seen into the following ways- Beautiful swirls and twirls made by the fuchsia petals- these floral petals appear gorgeous in the form of swirls and the twirls. Simply envision the shading design and the enhancement created. Dazzling examples scattered flawlessly with white sprinter the white hued outlines of sprinter seem awesome. Compliment the whole look by keeping them with matka and organizing the paisley examples of the marigold around it. Wedding passageway decorated by the ideal rangoli flower. Some minimalistic brides don't keep bigger designs. So keeping the floral decor minimal by putting the semi circles. Floral petals of every charming colour must be utilized to fill up the gaps as much as possible, This rangoli designs are create without colors with the help of flower Free hand rangoli designs without colour. The marigold everywhere in the wedding or the rose petals everywhere to ensure the rangoli is enhancing even the minute of the place. The candles can be significantly incorporated to pair the floral patterns for that magical feel. The dawn, expressing the sunset wedding beauty with floral perfection makes a difference. A classic round rangoli design is an Easy free hand rangoli designs can bring that perfect desi feel to your beautiful wedding Beware of the kids though and arrange for the beautiful rangoli designs.

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